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Every Snapchat ad's ROI can be measured in real time now. Connect your Snapchat channel with only a few clicks.
Use the most common terms of RMF metrics to group your customers into Champions, Loyal, Recent, Need attention, At risk, and Inactive. So you understand your customers better and build highly targeted strategies for them. Read more.
Most lead value is settled as $1, which is not the actual value. Google doesn't get the real value to target more high-value leads.
Attribuly is the
first vendor
in e-Commerce to calculate the lead value at a campaign level. Hence every Google campaign gets a different lead lifetime value from Attribuly. So Google understands the real lead value and targets customers with higher value.
Track affiliates' traffic and mark to the correct category, understand your affiliate marketing from clicks to purchase. Attribuly uses an API integration to remember new and future links. Read more.
Enhance your Bing ads conversion tracking with Attribuly's easy-to-use, high-accuracy cloud tracking solution. Read more
Find valuable audiences with our unique traffic source filters, combined with a complete buying journey and demographic data. How it works
Address info, Contact info, and Shipping info are 3 important events to understand the checkout process. Now Attribuly supports these events for Shopify Plus merchants.
Running GA4? Have a lot of issues with tags implementation? Can't track the most important checkout process? Too many "direct traffic" in your traffic acquisition report?
Attribuly's GA4 integration is what you are looking for! Read more
Adding a tracking template to your existing Meta ads may cause reentering the learning phase. To avoid that, this feature can map your existing template, to minimize the impact while tracking your ad's ROI with first-party data. Learn more
Postback form submission events to Google ads and keep optimizing your lead gen performance. image
Read more.
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