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Postback form submission events to Google ads and keep optimizing your lead gen performance. image
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Most marketers target ROAS only. However, this method is far from optimal. Attribuly considers your budget allocation across all stages of the funnel, allowing you to construct a robust and high-performing funnel.
Watch the demo here.
Want to generate short links without logging into Attribuly? Install our Chrome extension now, and track from click to purchase!
eCom is all about selling creatives!
Now Attribuly offers this advanced feature to analyze all your ad creatives from impression to purchase, with our accurate first-party data. Watch a demo here.
💡 Facebook creatives only for now.
The CSV format report will be sent to your email inbox. Now this feature is only available at "Attribution-all"
Save time, save money, and increase sales with the new ads adjustment template. Currently, it's only for Meta ads.
You may find this new event type at "Live Event" and all customer journey details. Attribuly tracks this event by default for all merchants.
Now Attribuly automatically appends UTM parameters for every Google ad(including existing one). Please switch it on at integrations-connected.
You will find a new "ads tracking error" message at attribution-ads, if your existing Facebook ads don't have Attribuly tracking template. It's much easier for you to fix these errors Read more
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